A supervisor having a meeting with a supervisee
A collegial supervisor-supervisee relationship

1. Expectations of Supervision from both the Supervisor’s and Supervisee’s perspective.

Adapted from work by I Moses, Centre for Learning & Teaching, University of Technology, Sydney 2.1.1997 — by Dr Yurgos Politis, Technological University Dublin

A resource for Science/Physics teachers

Photo by Nicolas Thomas on Unsplash

A practical guide to problem solving in Physics, but could also apply more broadly.

Problem solving i have found becomes easier to understand and digest when there is some structure to it. You basically give your students a template on how to start solving a problem, to make them aware of the important steps and what to be wary off.

I will present the 4 steps in problem solving through a simple example.


Highlights of a Guest post & interview by Vanessa Zervogianni from the Beta Project to our @NDinDesign network

Find the full piece here: https://www.neurodiversityindesign.org/vanessa-zervogianni

“Throughout my career and especially in the BETA project I recently coordinated, I’ve put the user at the heart of the design process. In BETA, we collaborated with the autism community to co-develop guidelines for the evaluation of digital technologies for autistic people.”

“The (autistic) community reached an agreement on…

Dr Yurgos Politis

A good teacher does not teach facts, (they) teach enthusiasm, open-mindedness and values— Gian-Carlo Rota/ https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yurgos_Politis

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